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Crystal Rose Divine Healing

Helping Souls Heal, Awaken, and Remember Their Divine Light

Are you having recurring issues you don’t understand or lessons you don’t understand or can’t seem to get past?
Are you looking to connect with your spirit guides, soul’s wisdom, star family or learn how to access your akashic records?
Maybe you looking to grow your light, get in touch with your higher self, receive light code and/or DNA activations, or cleanse your DNA from the energy carried in this life or past lives that may be currently impacting you?
I work with individuals to help them work through these areas. My name is Crystal I am passionate about teaching others how to tap into their psychic and healing abilities and connect with their soul's wisdom. I speak to people’s spirit guides, angels, loved ones passed over, ascended masters, their higher self (the soul), and their star family if they are star seeds. I assist in helping the soul move energy blockages, move forward from past lives, provide guidance on soul lessons, energy healing and whatever I see that is needed. I see souls greatest potential most of the time. I am a reiki master who works with Usui, Holy Fire, Angelic and Animal Reiki as well as a certified akashic records practitioner, medium and channel. I also communicate with animals, crystals, plants and light beings of the fae and help stuck spirits cross into the light.
My goal is to help light up other souls, remember their true authentic self, teach people how to bring their souls energy into their consciousness, figure out what their gifts are and tap into/develop their gifts as well as learn how to use them, and assist in whatever healing on a soul level or energetic level in the body needs to take place to help that happen. Sometimes that means moving stuck energy in the body, sometimes working through a past life or crossing a soul fragment into the light. There’s many possibilities.

I currently offer classes as well as readings.

My Journey

I can remember as a baby at 6 months old my great grandmother's funeral. I remember not knowing how to speak words yet, but having thoughts in the form of a knowing and feelings. This was the beginning of my journey as an empath and also having a clear understanding of how communication can work between souls through telepathic means via energy, emotion, and thought. I remember sensing energy as a child and being able to sense good from bad energy and spirits. In my teens I started working in the Akashic Records without realizing what I was doing. It happened automatically as I started seeing myself and who I was in past lives when I would meet someone I knew in another lifetime. I would also see who they were and how they looked. Later I would learn what an empath was, that we do live past lives, that I could see, hear and sense spirits who had passed away. I also would learn about Reiki, energy healing, mediumship, hypnosis, and how to contact spirits, guides, higher self etcetera. I continued and learned about my galactic family and that I was a star seed as I started to remember past lives off planet. Next, I would move on to teaching others and doing private readings and energy healings. These are some of my deepest passions. Teaching others and helping them both awaken and heal at a soul level. My journey forward in learning and growth still continues.

Pink Sugar


This session is an hour long we delve into helping you sort out current issues in your life. That may mean chakra clearing and alignment or working on inner child healing or bringing forward a past life for you to understand how it is impacting you. It can even mean detaching a negative entity or crossing over a soul fragment from past life that never moved back into the light. This session involves whatever I find that is needed for the highest good. It may include Reiki, Mediumship, Speaking with your Spirit Guides, DNA activations, Light Code Upgrades, Akashic Records, Negative Energy or Entity Clearings, Chord Cuttings, Soul Fragment Retrieval and more.     

Cost: $100


Aura Cleansing, Chord Cutting, Energy Healing & Chakra Realignment

This Session is an hour long and helps to heal and patch your auric field, blow out blocks in chakras, meridians and your channel of light. It also includes a realigning the chakras. When you have blocks in your energetic system it can prevent some of your life force energy from coming through to you much like a clogged pipe doesn't allow as much flow of water as a clog free pipe. Chakras are your energy centers in the body which house different types of energy. They can be over or under active. Too open or too closed. This can happen due to different things we go through in life. In this session we open and balance them clearing any clogs that can be cleared. We also patch the aura where there are any holes, tears, or weak spots which can leak energy leaving you feeling drained. We may also cut chords from individuals where you are energetically connected and it is no longer serving you or even negatively impacting you.     

Cost $100

Into The Light Spirit Guidance Team & Loved Ones Reading

This session is an hour long and we connect with your spirit guidance team from the light and your higher self to inquire about what is needed in your life currently or to see answers as to root cause or lessons around issues you may be having that you would like to gain perspective on. Your spirit guidance team are in an incarnation with you but from the other side of the veil. They are the souls you chose to assist you in this journey by either gently speaking to you or through signs and synchronicity as you go through this lifetime to help keep you on track for what your soul intended for you to do. It may also include other beings of light that come through for you such as angels, galactic/star family, elementals & fae, or loved ones who have crossed into the light should they come in with a message for you. 

Cost $100

Deep Soul Level Healing

This session is an hour long and we will be talking with your higher self also known as your soul to see what guidance it has for you. We will also be looking to see if you have soul fragments which can be pieces of the soul which split off in past life due to trauma. Soul fragments can also be the portion of the soul that came into a lifetime and that consciousness for one reason or another didn't cross back into the light and reintegrate with the rest of the soul again. In this session I will get in contact with any soul fragments you may have and speak with them to try and assist them back to the light. DNA upgrades and light codes may flow through also.

Cost $100

Past Life Selves Reading

This session is an hour long and delves into past lives. Are you experiencing patterns in your life or with a certain person and wondering why? In this session we go into your Akashic Records (the energetic record of all of yours experiences) and we speak with your masters and teachers in the Akashic Records. We can ask them to assist us in showing root cause of issues and patterns that you are experiencing. We can ask if it's tied to a past life and if so get details around that lifetime. We can also ask to be shown past lives that are currently negatively impacting your life and also if there are past lives that you need to know about that can positively impact your life.

Cost $100


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