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QHHT Hypnosis With Suzanne Spooner!

I had my session with Suzanne Spooner in Iowa that I waited over 8 months for. All I can say is wow it was so worth it! She is such a super sweet person and the process was so cool to experience. I am a clear channel, medium and clairvoyant so I wasn't sure what to expect in this process or how it would differ from what I normally do. There were both similarities and differences for sure! I found when I finished that I did remember my session, but more in a state where it fades like a dream and I was surprised to see that I was holding my hands in a triangular shape. I also felt very much similar to channeling but noticed voice changes for example that were very prominent. I am also noticing healing effects with each day that  passes which is different from channeling also. I highly recommend it and Suzanne! Bonus, Iowa is absolutely beautiful and the Machine Shed and The Breakfast Club out there have wonderful food! Give the session a listen on Suzanne Spooners QHHT You Tube Channel!


Myself and friends of mine offer a variety of fun spiritual development classes and also readings and Reiki healing sessions. I also have Facebook Groups, a Facebook Page and Instagram. Meetup with Crystal Rose Divine Healing has all the classes listed. The link tree link below has all the links to Facebook, Instagram and Meetup.

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